Signs and Wonders Ministries (SWM) was conceived in the hearts of

Pastor David and Laura Taylor in 1997. The first service was held on May 3, 1998

in the American Legion building on Flatfoot Road in Stony Creek, VA. As the

ministry grew, Pastor David and the members of SWM sought God for a larger

facility. God answered their prayers with ‘signs and wonders’. The local ABC

store closed, and SWM converted it into a church. SWM remained in

Stony Creek, VA for approximately 10 years before moving to Chesterfield, VA.

Signs and Wonders Ministries faced many challenges in the Chesterfield County

area and experienced multiple transitions. Pastor David and the members sought God

for a home for the ministry. God did it before; they knew He would do it again. A propane

gas business on Jefferson Davis Highway closed, and SWM converted it into a church.

On September 21, 2014, the ministry held its first service at the newly renovated church

located at 13400 Jefferson Davis Highway, Chester, VA 23831.

Signs and Wonders Ministries is a thriving ministry in Chester, VA. The mission of SWM

is “Seeking God. Sharing the Gospel. Serving people”. The ministry is engaged

throughout communities in Chesterfield County. SWM collaborates with

the County of Chesterfield, Chesterfield County Public Schools, and churches in the

Chester area to serve individuals and families in Chesterfield County.